General Dentistry

Exceptionally well trained general dentist

General Dentistry :

A general dentist treats patients of all ages with services geared toward the general maintenance of oral hygiene and tooth health. Decent Specialized Dental care general dentist will be highly trained in a wide range of dental procedures. Our team are highly skilled at what they do; providing you with an extra layer of confidence.

Specialized Dentistry:

A Dentist who have post graduate degree and specialized training on different dental sub-specialty are treated as specialized dentist. At decent specialized dental care we have recognized post graduated, highly qualified and trained dentist. They have lots of experienced on major and minor oral surgery, implantology, Brace /Orthodontic treatment, Veneers, LASER surgery etc.

Our services are as follows:

1) Complete Exams and diagnosis
2) X-rays & RVG
3) Scaling , Polishing and deep Cleanings
4) Fillings, Root Canals,
5) Extractions
6) Teeth Whitening
7) Crowns & Veneers
8) Full & Partial Dentures
9) Oral and maxillo-facial surgery
10) Dental Implants
11) Dental treatment with LASER
1) Brace / Orthodontics


About Us

Decent specialized Dental Care, Khulna ,Bangladesh . We have been in service since 2001. We have 20 years experienced. Our Dental care center is equipped with modern technological design.


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Location: PARUPALLI, 20 Wahab Avenue, behind Gorib Newaz Clinic, East Side of Iqbalnagar Girl's School, Khulna.

Phone: 02477727310

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