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Orthodontic Treatment (Braces) :

Decent specialized dental care is pioneer for fixed orthodontic treatment in khulna region (BD). We provide fixed orthodontic treatment in khulna since 2001 to till now .We have experienced , trained and skilled team and modern technology with logistic support for orthodontic(Braces) treatment .

Diagnosis and treatment planning done first. Today, there are many options for orthodontics available, making it easier than ever for any child, teen or adult to begin straightening out their smile.

  • Alignment/straightens your teeth
  • Braces are more effective
  • Cost are affordable.
  • color /transparent bands are available
  • smooth and comfortable to wear
  • improves confidence

Age : Usually orthodontic treatment start at 13 to 14 years age. But some times patient needed early treatment at 8 to 9 years age . At this age my functional type appliance needs to ware. Serial extraction starts at 9 to 10 years old.

Time : Orthodontic treatment is time consuming. According to the case severity some patient needs only 6 months . Usually patient need 1 to 2 years for fixed brace .
Removable Appliance : Some patient treat by only simple removable appliance . Patient can ware and remove by him/herself .

Fixed Brace : Nowadays It is very effective for malocclusion and displace teeth. In decent specialized dental care patient are treated with Metallic, clear or ceramic braces. After complete the orthodontic treatment a fixed or removable retainer may be needed as a part of treatment.

Malocclusion and dento facial deformity in contemporary society. Orthodontic treatment need in cleftlip and palate patient and in many skeletal and facial deformity .

For the younger crowd, there may not be a huge push for clear braces, as there is with adults. Teens often opt for traditional braces, as there are many braces colors that are fun and show off one’s personality. For the adult who wants to straighten their teeth, we typically receive requests for Invisalign.


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Decent specialized Dental Care, Khulna ,Bangladesh . We have been in service since 2001. We have 20 years experienced. Our Dental care center is equipped with modern technological design.


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